Daily Archives: August 18, 2014

Unique Back-to-School Supplies for Kids


The melodic music from the ice cream truck driving by, the shrieks of kids splashing in swimming pools, and the smell of BBQ sizzling on the grill: all signs that summer is in full swing. Those summer delights won’t last forever though, and the school year will be here in a snap.

Before kids head back into the classroom, most parents make the yearly scramble to big box stores to search for the long list of school supplies requested from the teacher. Before you buy those bland folders and standard lunch boxes, consider getting personalized back to school supplies for your kid instead.

Personalized school supplies not only ensure that your child will be unique, but also help protect from supply mix-ups, since everything is very clearly labeled. My Chronicle Books is a personal favorite of mine that has gifts ranging from personalized journals to personalized stickers, that will make any kid stand out from the crowd.