Just Got Moved in the House

We are still getting stuff ready, but we are in the house. The car is not in the garage, because the garage is full of boxes which we have not gotten round to unpacking just yet. I have hooked up the satellite dish already, because I had to watch the college football games Thursday night. I had to go to http://satellite-direct-tv.com. It is an easy thing to do if you are working hard at it and you have done it before. So it only took me about half an hour to hook up the dish and get it working. The job is not done permanently. I stuck the dish antenna on top of one of the posts on the deck railing. It is not very much to Ann’s liking, but it is not that big of a deal so long as I put it up on the roof or under one of those fake plastic rocks that they sell for the job.

It is a real big mess here and we are trying pretty hard to get things sorted out. The kids have school tomorrow and so we have to stop work right now and let them go to sleep. The young ones are just not used to getting up at the first morning light and they are all pretty cranky at the moment. Of course now they can take the bus to school in the morning. We were having to drive them to school and that meant that they had to get their cute little butts out of bed at right after six in the morning. They really think it is a big deal that they get another twenty five minutes to sleep and I can feel it for them just as well. I was having to drive them and then come back to get ready.