Motivational Methods Before Writing A College Essay

writing a college essay

Let’s admit it, sometimes writing endless college essays will burn us out, which leads to us slacking off for the time being until we realized we haven’t types even a single word besides the title. Thankfully, there are different motivational methods when you are feeling uninspired to start and eventually finish the college essay assigned by your professor.

1. Take a breath of fresh air Sometimes, we do not realize we’ve been in front of the computer for a long time that we do not realize the negative effects of staying in front of the computer for hours. According to some studies, staying in front of the computer do more harm for our eyes. In order to lessen the risks, it is important to individuals to stay away from their computers for at least 30 minutes to relax their mind and their eyes. One way to do this is by taking a time to feel and enjoy the fresh air. For college students, their laptops become, in a way, their best friends because all their important school files are there and they make all their school tasks such as college essays. While writing your college essay, make sure you take at least a 30-minute break before continuing your task. This kind of method is proven effective, especially for individuals who are having a hard time finishing their task because of all the stress from school. Needless to say, always take a step back, get up from your work chair, go outside, and enjoy the view while inhaling fresh air.

2. Remove yourself from other technology besides your laptop This means turning off your smartphone or at least putting it on silent mode. This is essential to keep yourself focused on your main goal: to start and eventually finish your college essay. Furthermore, try to stay away from any social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because they actually take most of your time, without even knowing it. Technology has become a force in today’s society that it has been hard for individuals to stay away from it: remember that when you are in the process of writing your college essay, visit the Web only when you need essay help or trying to look for inspiration from essays online who will serve as your guide.

3. Eat right before starting your college essay This handful tasks can be done properly if you do not starve yourself. Always eat before you open your laptop to start your college essay. In addition, do not start writing with an empty stomach, because food enables your mind to start processing. Whenever you are hungry, you will think about food more than the topic you are writing about. Lastly, food is a great motivator: the healthier you eat, the more active your life becomes.

These three motivational tips are good ways to boost your energy when writing your college essay. Following these three guides will undoubtedly help you start your task until you eventually finish them in no time.