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Few Important Things You Need to Know About GED in Thailand

languageexpressFew Important Things You Need to Know About GED in Thailand

GED stands for General Educational Development. Today’s competitive scenario demands academic and workplace excellence from every individual. Success in General Educational Development (GED) test ensures a better future for every student. By measuring proficiency in science, social studies, arts and mathematics, this test can help you to achieve your professional goals. Apart from English, you can take this test in Spanish language too. Audio, Braille and large-print version of the written test are also conducted for the benefit of differently-abled students.

Most of the students prefer to prepare for GED at home. For this, you should hire an experienced home tutor if you are not comfortable with group education at an institute. You can rent books from bookstores or public libraries. The test covers 5 subjects to evaluate students. After passing the GED test, students are granted diploma which is equivalent to high school diploma. Students need to be at least 17 years of age at the time of the test.

With that said, here are some of the important things you need to know about the GED in Thailand:

As determined by the Thai ministry of education, GED Diploma is equivalent to the high school degree in Thailand. The diploma can be used to take admission in several Thai colleges and universities such as Thammasat University, Assumption University (ABAC) and Mahidol University.

GED comprises 5 subjects, which are as follows:

Reading and Language Arts: Poetry, Literary Drama, Critical review, Prose and Business Document

Writing and Language Arts: Mechanics and Organization of Sentences, Sentence Structure and Usage

Mathematics: Measurement, Geometry, Number & Operations, Algebra and Data Analysis

Science: Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science and Biology

Social Studies: Government and Economics, Civics, Geography, History, US & World