Unique Back-to-School Supplies for Kids


The melodic music from the ice cream truck driving by, the shrieks of kids splashing in swimming pools, and the smell of BBQ sizzling on the grill: all signs that summer is in full swing. Those summer delights won’t last forever though, and the school year will be here in a snap.

Before kids head back into the classroom, most parents make the yearly scramble to big box stores to search for the long list of school supplies requested from the teacher. Before you buy those bland folders and standard lunch boxes, consider getting personalized back to school supplies for your kid instead.

Personalized school supplies not only ensure that your child will be unique, but also help protect from supply mix-ups, since everything is very clearly labeled. My Chronicle Books is a personal favorite of mine that has gifts ranging from personalized journals to personalized stickers, that will make any kid stand out from the crowd.


Personalized Lunch Boxes

While most kids will head into the lunchroom with a paper bag, your child could be unique and show off their personalized lunch box. My Chronicle Books has many different lunch box designs, including cute purple dinosaurs running across a red landscape, a perfectly pink castle built for a special princess, and race cars zooming down the track with someone in the crowd cheering on your kid!

Each personalized lunch box is made from durable metal. They measure 8 ½ by 3 ¾ inches, so you’ll have plenty of room for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, a juice box, and whatever else your kid loves to munch on for lunch.

Personalized Stickers

Kids love stickers, so why not take advantage of their willingness to stick them everywhere, and use it to your advantage? My Chronicle Books has an array of stickers that can have your kid’s name on them, so they can stick them on their backpack, folders, notepads, pencils, pens, and whatever other school supplies need to be labeled.

When it comes to picking stickers, there are a lot of fun designs to choose from! Themes include “Book Bag,” “Recess,” and “School Years.” They’re cute and durable, coming with 20 in a pack.

Personalized Books

As kids develop their love for reading, they really enjoy inserting themselves into stories and pretending like they’re a character. You can help their imagination grow by getting them a personalized book to start the school year.

There are many different options for personalized books, for both boys and girls of many ages. Boys might love Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver, a fully customizable book about the exciting life of race car drivers. This book will weave your child’s name and favorite color into the story and art.

You might choose Sweet Dreams, Fairy for your favorite little girl. You’ll be able to add her name, skin tone, hair color, favorite color, city name, photograph, and more! You can even add the names of the child’s friends and a few family members in this highly customizable book. It’s pretty, dreamy, and fun to read out loud. It also won Gold in the Mom’s Choice Awards in Children’s Picture Books: Bedtime Stories.